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Genealogy of Families Related to the Schriers of Seattle

Page updated 30 September 2012

This site is created to hold information related to the Kathy and Bill Schrier Family of Seattle. This page gives an overview of some of the related families. Click any highlighted surname to find more detail about that family. Bill Schrier maintains the site – I’d appreciate any updates or changes which you can send to me here.


Frank Srajer emigrated to the United States in 1884. He married Maria Solil in 1890. Frank changed his name twice – once to the spelling of Schreier and finally to Schrier. Therefore Franka and Maria’s descendents are directly related only to the “Srajers” not directly to anyone who has names spelled “Schreier” or “Schrier”.

Thorson -Viehmeyer

Kathy’s Father was H. Tom Thorson who grew up in Hot Springs and Spearfish, South Dakota. Tom married Ethel Viehmeyer of Stapleton.  See also the Thorson family page here.


Josef Kadrmas was born September 5, 1856 in Dobrikov, Czech Republic. He married Frantiska Solil. They came to Iowa with two daughters, Anna (3 years old) and Frances (1 year old). They also brought Frantiska’s mother Anna (Kopky) Solil and her sister Maria (16 years old at the time). Maria Solil (born 1868, died 1954) married Frank (born 1863, died 1943) Schrier (Srajer in Czech). They made their home in the Buckingham area and had two children: Joseph married Kathryn Griffin. They had two sons Robert (wife Mercedes Rottinghaus), and Jim (wife Joanne Jacobs).


Frank (Srajer) Schrier had two brothers, John and Joseph. Joseph Srajer lived in Kansas. John Srajer lived in Oklahoma and participated in the Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889.


Bill’s mother was Mercedes (Rottinghaus) Schrier. Mercedes parents (Bill’s grandparenters) were John and Ella (Dittmer) Rottinghaus. Mercedes has a sister Alice and five brothers, Firmin, Gilbert, Robert, Roderick and Alvin Rottinghaus. All live or lived in the Gilbertville-Waterloo, Iowa area. June Rottinghaus of Seneca, Kansas, has extensively documented the genealogy of these familes.


Bill’s paternal grandmother was Katie Griffin. Katie’s mother (Bill’s great-grandmother) was Mary Boyle who married James Griffin in Derry, Ireland. Mary and James emigrated to the United States, but a number of Boyle relatives remain on Inch Island, County Donegal, Ireland.

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