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Bovina, Iowa

Aerial Map of Bovina, Iowa

Aerial Map of Bovina, Iowa

Bovina was a hamlet about two miles east of the Schrier family farm in Buckingham township, Tama County, Iowa.

When I was growing up on the farm in the 1950s and 1960s, I never heard that name – “Bovina” – and indeed only discovered it after maps and Tama County history books became available online. There is a grouping of about four houses and farms at this site (see aerial photo from Google maps at right).

When I was growing up Barney and Regina Beenken’s farm was part of that group, and the Drapers lived across the road from them. Alec Green lived in a house just a bit north of them, at the intersection of what is now known as 110th Street and R Avenue.

J. R. Caldwell’s  “A History of Tama County, Iowa, Volume 1”, on page 113, elaborates about the post office: “An office was established at the north side of Buckingham [Township] called Bovina, Charles Blanchard, postmaster, and was discontinued in 1873”.

I’ve done a bit more research about Bovina, and you can find that on the Bovina Page in the Places part of this website, or you can also download a two page document on Bovina which I researched and wrote.

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