Genealogical Index

Updated 7 October 2012
by Bill Schrier

This page is a quick index to the people and places on the site, with a brief explanation of how each is related to our genealogy. If a name has a hyperlink, clicking that will take you to a page or document with with more information about the person or place. Comments and suggestions to Bill Schrier are welcome.

Name Relationship
Boyle, Mary Bill Schrier’s maternal great grandmother
Griffin, Mary See Mary Boyle. Bill Schrier’s maternal great grandmother.
Krueger, Oramel Husband Kathy Thorson Schrier’s maternal aunt Jessie Veihmeyer Kreuger
Schrier, Frank J. Bill Schrier’s paternal great grandfather.
Schrier, Maria See Maria Solil.  Bill Schrier’s paternal great grandmother
Schrier, Mary A. Bill Schrier’s paternal great-aunt.
Solil, Maria Bill Schrier’s paternal great grandmother
Smith, Joyce Wife of Kathy Thorson Schrier’s first cousin Ted Smith.
Smith, Ted Kathy Thorson Schrier’s first cousin, son of her maternal aunt Verna Veihmeyer Smith and Phil Smith.
Thorson, Harvey T. Kathy Thorson Schrier’s father.
Yuska, Mary A. See Mary Alice Schrier.  Bill Schrier’s paternal great aunt.
Zaloudek, Alice Bill Schrier’s paternal first cousin twice removed, daughter of Jon Srajer, brother to Bill’s great grandfather Frank.

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