Solil, Maria

Page updated 29 September 2012
by Bill Schrier

Maria Solil (Srajer) Schrier’s Place in the Family Genealogy

Parents: (Unknown Solil) and Anna Kopky
Born: March 20, 1868 in Bohemia (now the Czech Republic)
Died: ~September 30, 1954, in Traer, Iowa
Siblings: Frantiska (Solil) Kadrmas
Spouse: Frank (Srajer) Schrier, married Feb., 1890 at Holy Trinity Church, near Clutier, Iowa
Children: Mary (Schrier) Yuska and Joseph Schrier
Grandchildren: Donald and Frank Yuska, Robert and Frank James Schrier and Kathleen Farkas
Great-Grandchildren: Many Schriers and Yuskas and others
Relationship: Maria is Great-Grandmother to Bill Schrier

Maria Schrier SolilMore about Maria Solil (Srajer) Schrier

Maria Solil (Srajer) Schrier‘s Story

Maria (also known as Marie or Mary) Anna Solil was born in Bohemia, perhaps near Chrudim, Czech Republic. She emigrated to the United States in about 1884 with her mother Anna and sister and brother-in-law, Frantiska and Joseph Kadrmas.

Maria married Frank Srajer in 1890. Family tradition says she actually saw him once, in Bohemia, marching in a parade as a member of the Czech Army.  They lived in Traer for three or four  years following their wedding, and Frank worked in the Porterfield Nursery.   Later they moved to Kansas to farm.  Frank’s  brothers John and Joseph Srajer had emigrated from Bohemia to Kansas and farmed there.  Their families retained the Srajer name and some of their descendants still live in Kansas.

Maria and Frank returned to Traer where Frank operated a General Store in partnership with Frank Kostlan.  They then moved to Lake Park, Iowa, but then moved back to Traer.   They bought the Schrier family farm about 7 miles north of Traer in 1900, and that farm remains in the family today.

Robert Schrier related stories about Maria, that she was very in tune with the natural cycle of the seasons, even advising Frank and other farmers when the time was right to perform certain farming tasks, such as castrating hogs.  Certainly this sounds odd, but demonstrates the relationship of being “close to the earth” along with the traditions of the Roman Catholic church because Frank and Maria were devout Catholics.

They retired in 1921, turning the farming operation over to their son Joe.  They lived in Florida and also wintered in Winter Park Florida.  They even bought property there, but, according to family tradition, it was lost for non-payment of taxes during the depression.  Family tradition also states the land was bought sight-unseen and turned out to be swampland, but is undoubtedly very valuable today.

The last home owned by Frank and Maria was across the street from the Dennis Football Field in Traer.   Robert Schrier lived with them in the late 1930s as he attended High School in Traer.


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