Thorson, Harvey Thomas

Page updated 15 September 2012
by Bill Schrier

Harvey Tom Thorson’s Place in the Family Genealogy

Parents: Harvey Thorson and Bessie Charity Thorson Kutzler
Born: August 26, 1914 (year needs to be verified) probably in Meckling, South Dakota
Died: November 2, 1998, at Highline Hospital in Burien (Seattle), Washington
Siblings: Robert (Bob) Thorson and William Thorson
Spouse: Ethel Viehmeyer, marriage date and location to be added
Children: Rebecca Nora (Becky) Thorson Cox and Ethel Kathleen (Kathy) Thorson Schrier
Grandchildren: Michael Cox, Chrissy Cox Kumer, Julia Schrier, Lara Schrier, Parr, Marlenea Trujillo Cousin (foster grandchild)
Great-Grandchildren: Ryan LaFollette, Alexandria Mercedes Garrow and Elizabeth Ann (Elle) Schrier
Relationship: Tom is Kathy Schrier’s father

More about Tom Thorson
(links to other material to be added here)

Tom Thorson’s Story
Harvey Tom Thorson

Harvey Thomas Thorson, who generally went by the name H. Tom Thorson, grew up in Meckling and Spearfish, South Dakota.  He was born on August 26, 1914 (date needs verification) and died in November, 1998, in Seattle.

He had two brothers, Robert (Bob) and William.  He married Ethel Viehmeyer of Stapleton, Nebraska, and they had two daughters, Rebecca Nora (Becky) Thorson Cox and Ethel Kathleen (Kathy) Thorson Schrier.

Tom’s father, also named Harvey, passed away when Tom was quite young.   The boys and their mother, Bessie, came to live with William and Emma Kutzler.  See census document for 1920 here.

(This page will be updated with more information as I get time.)

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