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Oramel K. Kreuger’s Story

Oramel K. KreugerOramel Kenneth Krueger was known as “O.K.” or sometimes “Unc” as he was uncle to many of his relatives in Seattle.  O.K. married Jessie Viehmeyer and was Kathy Thorson Schrier’s uncle.

Oramel was a social worker for the Veteran’s Administration, and published at least one article about three farming communities in Nebraska.  That article was published in the Social Service Review of the University of Chicago in 1930.

Jessie and O. K. married during the Depression.   O.K. was a lieutenant in the Army Quartermaster Corps during the war.

O.K.’s real passion was trolling for salmon, and was the subject of a photo essay in the Seattle Times on May 1, 1974.

More information about O.K. is on his page on this website.

by Bill Schrier