Yuska (Schrier), Mary Alice

Updated September 4, 2012
by Bill Schrier

Mary Alice (Schrier) Yuska was born on March 2, 1891, and died on April 22, 1944.  She is buried in St. Wenceslas Cemetery, Clutier.  Her gravestone is the source of these dates:   Yuska-Schrier-Mary-Alice-gravestone.

Mary Alice (Schrier) Yuska was the daughter of Frank and Maria Schrier.   She married Frank Yuska (1889 – 1976).    She had two sons, Donald Yuska (1919 – 2002) and Frank Yuska (1921 – 2003).  Her brother was Joe Schrier (1894 – 1965).

Family lore says that Mary died by suicide – drowning herself in a well at the family farm on P Avenue in Tama County, Iowa, about a mile south of the Robet and Mercedes Farm.    She supposedly chopped meat into pieces and tossed it around her kitchen before drowning herself.

(More information to be added as it is discovered.)

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