Schrier, Frank Joseph

Page updated 9 September 2012
by Bill Schrier

Frank Joseph Schrier’s Place in the Family Genealogy

Parents: Joseph Srajer and Frantiska Svados
Born: December 4, 1864 in Prochody, Czech Republic (Bohemia)
Died June 11, 1943 in Traer, Iowa
Siblings: John and Joseph Srajer, Christina Srajer Waldo
Spouse: Maria Solil, married February, 1890 at Holy Trinity Church, Clutier, Iowa
Children: Mary Schrier Yuska and Joseph Schrier
Grandchildren: Donald and Frank Yuska, Robert and Frank James Schrier and Kathleen Farkas
Great-Grandchildren: Many Schriers and Yuskas
Relationship: Frank is the Great-Grandfather to Bill Schrier

More about Frank Joseph Schrier

Frank Joseph Schrier’s Story

Frank Joseph SchrierFrank Srajer was born in Prochody, Bohemia in 1864. He attended Czech and German schools and served in the Czech army. Family tradition states he emigrated to the United States in 1884 in order to evade being drafted into the Prussian (German) Army.

Frank met and married Maria Solil, who had also, separately, emigrated from Bohemia with her sister and mother.
They were married and lived near Clutier, Iowa, a large Bohemian community in Tama County. They had two children, Mary and Joseph.

Frank and Maria moved a number of times over the years, living in Lake Park, Iowa, as well as Kansas near the rest of Frank’s family. They purchased what is now the Schrier family farm about 7 miles north of Traer, Iowa, in 1900. That farm is still in the family, and has been farmed by Joe, Bob and now John Schrier.

In addition to farming, Frank was also a dry goods storekeeper and worked at Porterfield Nursery in Traer (see obituary).

Frank changed his last name twice, once to the spelling Schreier and later to the current spelling Schrier. Family tradition states he was upset because people continually misprounounced it. Srajer is pronounced Sh-RYE-err. Because of this change, our family is not related to families with the spelling Schrier.

According to his grandson Bob, Frank was very proud of his teams of horses he used for farming, and was saddened as horses were replaced by mechanical tractors in the 1940s.

Frank and Maria retired to live in a home in Traer, Iowa, just north of the Traer High School (present-day North Tama High School) football field there. When Bob Schrier attended Traer High School in the early 1940s, he lived with his grandparents, Frank and Maria, in a small house across from the Dennis Football field near the school.

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  2. Jay Colacecchi

    Hi Frank. My name is Jay Colacecchi and live in WA. My great, great grandfather was Henry A. Hall and was an architect living in Independence, IA. I have his original architecture drawings for a Catholic Church in Blessing, IA. If you wish I can share a few photos of what I think is the original church that burned down in 1906. You can contact me at if interested. Thanks, Jay

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