About this Site

Updated 15 September 2012
by Bill Schrier

A major purpose of this website is to document some of the genealogy of our family. There are is a lot of material, which Bill Schrier will add over time. Much of the material is photographs, obituaries and other documentation. One major item missing is family stories and rememberances, which need to be preserved. If you have anything to contribute, including links to existing websites, let Bill Schrier know and he’ll post it on the Genealogy portion of  the site. The Genealogy will include information about these families related to Robert and Merce Schrier of Traer, Iowa: Schriers (from Traer, Iowa), Srajer, Rottinghaus, Thorson, Viehmeyer, Solil, Kadrmas, Boyle and Griffin and perhaps others as the site evolves.

What’s new on the website?   Click here to show a history of the changes and updates.

We plan to have the following material:

  • Surnames of our Families
    • Schriers (of Traer Iowa) – original spelling “Srajer”
    • Solil and Kadrmas (from Maria Solil Srajer-Schreier-Schrier, Bill’s paternal great-grandmother)
    • Thorson (from Kathy Thorson Schrier her father Tom Thorson)
    • Viehmeyer (from Kathy’s mother Ethel Viehmeyer Thorson and relatives)
    • Srajer (of Kansas and Iowa)
    • Rottinghaus (from Mercedes Rottinghaus Schrier)
    • Boyle and Griffin (from Katie Griffin Schrier, Bill’s maternal grandmother, and her family)
  • People Pages – pages about individual relatives and ancestors
  • Photo Albums – an indext to photo albums about recent family history
  • Stories about our family
  • Places which are special to our family
  • Newspaper Articles
  • Obituaries
  • Funeral Cards
  • Other Documents of significance to our family (deeds, immigration, etc.)
  • Artifacts – “things” such as books or furniture

Comments and suggestions to Bill Schrier are welcome.

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