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1920 Census – Thorson

Bob, William and Tom Thorson, about 1920

William, Harvey Tom and Bob Thorson, about 1920

Today I downloaded the 1920 Census Page from Meckling Township, South Dakota and published it to the website.   Bessie Thorson and her sons were  living there at that time.

In the 1920 Census, Bessie Thorson was 36, living in Meckling Township, South Dakota, in the household of William Kutzler, age 74, and his wife Emma, age 61.  Bessie’s occupation ws listed as public school teacher.    The boys were Robert A, age 11, William K., age 9, and Harvey Tom, age 7.  See the census document here.

The photo at right is not directly related to the census, but illustrates Bessie’s three boys, probably about 1918 to 1920, since Tom was born in 1914.

by Bill Schrier