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Maria Solil (Srajer) Schrier

Maria Solil (Srajer) SchrierMaria Solil was Bill Schrier’s great grandmother.   She emigrated from Bohemia in 1884 and married Frank Srajer in 1890.  The photo at right is probably her wedding picture.

Frank and Maria lived in Traer (Iowa), Kansas, Lake Park (Iowa) and Winter Park (Florida) among other places.   Their last profession was buying the Schrier Family farm near Traer, Iowa, in 1900.  That Schrier Family Farm remains in the family today.

Learn more about Maria’s story on her page here.

Frank Joseph Schrier (Srajer)

Frank Joseph SchrierFrank Joseph Srajer was born in Bohemia in 1864, probably served in the Prussian Army, emigrated to the United States in 1884, and married Maria Solil. He lived in various places in Iowa and Kansas, finally, in 1900, purchasing the Schrier family farm near Buckingham, Iowa, which remains in the family to this day.   He also changed the spelling of his name twice, to Schreier and finally Schrier.  According to family lore that’s because he was tired of having people mispronounce it.   A number of Srajer family relatives retained the name and still live in Kansas and elsewhere.

I’ve posted Frank’s story on the people section of the website here, and posted his obituary in the obituary section here.

by Bill Schrier

Alice Zaloudek Life Story

Alice ZaloudekAlice Srajer Zaloudek passed away on March 1, 2011, at 105 years of age.   Her father, John Srajer, was brother to Frank Schrier (Srajer) who emmigrated from Bohemia in 1884.  Alice lived in Kansas and Oklahoma and went through a great slice of the history of those areas.   I’ve posted an excerpt of her life story on the Stories section of this website.   Her obituary which has more of that story and photos is on the obituaries page of this website and also  online at the Enid News here.

by Bill Schrier