Kreuger, Oramel K.

Page updated 15 September 2012
by Bill Schrier

Oramel K. Kreuger’s Place in the Family Genealogy

Parents: Unknown
Born: December 26, 1909, Ottumwa, Iowa
Died: March 30, 1993, Seattle, Washington
Siblings: Quite a few, we think
Spouse: Jessie Veihmeyer, sister to Ethel Veihmeyer
Children: None
Grandchildren: None
Great-Grandchildren: None
Relationship: Oramel is Kathy Thorson Schrier’s Uncle

Oramel Kenneth KreugerMore about Oramel K. Kreuger

Oramel Kenneth Kreuger’s Story

Oramel was commonly known, at least in his later years, as “O.K.” or “Unc”.

Oramel and Jessie Viehmeyer met in Chicago, perhaps when they both were going to school at the University of Chicago.  They were married secretly in Indiana, probably because they were both employed and have two people in the same family employed during the Depression was frowned upon.

O.K. served as a lieutenant in the Army Quartermaster Corps in World War II.

O.K. was a social worker for the Veteran’s Administration in Seattle, but his real love was salmon fishing, specifically trolling for salmon.  He trolled from his boat the Carolyn Page for many years in Seattle, and represented the Trollers’ Association when lobbying in Olympia.

He also loved  his sports, and would often be watching one football (or baseball or basketball) team on the television while listening to two others on different radios.   For many years the Kreugers invited the Thorson-Cox-Schrier family to their apartment for New Year’s Day celebrations as well as other occasions.

O.K. and Jessie lived in an apartment at 7 Highland Drive, with a beautiful view of downtown Seattle from the South Slope of Queen Anne.

(This page will be updated with more information as I get time.)

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